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EnerSys Announces Restructuring of European Operations

Doubling cycle life and boosting power density for evolving telecommunication networks.
Extreme temperatures. Remote locations. Increasing power demands.The operating conditions and technologies driving today’s telecommunications networks are pushing the limits of battery back-up systems. As the world leader in lead-acid battery manufacturing and development, EnerSys® is pushing back with the PowerSafe™ SBS range of back-up batteries.
Designed and manufactured with powerful EON Technology ™, valvregulated PowerSafe SBS batteries deliver twice the cycle life of conventional lead-acid batteries, in even the hottest, harshest conditions. They also have a higher energy density, so they can deliver more power in smaller spaces.

TPPL design makes it possible

TPPL, or “Thin Plate, Pure Lead” design powers EON Technology. The plates in PowerSafe SBS batteries are constructed with 99.99% pure virgin lead - not lead alloy. Along with doubling service life in even high-temperature locations, this enhanced purity allows PowerSafe SBS batteries to retain a charge for up to two years, eliminating the need for monthly refresh charges.

For critical back-up applications, TPPL’s high energy density eliminates the need to over-size batteries to accommodate repeat-duty back-up power. And unlike conventional lead-acid batteries, high-rate recharge currents won’t shorten the life of PowerSafe SBS batteries.

Advanced manufacturing support

Along with TPPL design, EON Technology relies on advanced robotic manufacturing processes and continuous process improvements. Combined, these advances are allowing PowerSafe SBS batteries to revolutionise critical application back-up power.