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Notice regarding counterfeit PowerSafe Batteries

Name of Product:  EnerSys PowerSafe V Batteries 
Issue: Some batteries of unconfirmed manufacture are being incorrectly labelled as PowerSafe V. The counterfeit labels are showing (i) fake product types; and (ii) fake performance criteria.
Example: The battery below  has been labeled as "Enersys Powersafe 12V200FS". Enersys does not manufacture such a battery in its range. The manufacturer of these batteries is unknown. Enersys cannot vouch for the safety, reliability or integrity of these batteries, and we urge anyone  to exercise extreme caution before use of these batteries.
Markets:  EnerSys has had reports of this counterfeit product showing up in Nigeria and other African countries. 
Remedy: Customers who may have purchased a counterfeit battery are urged to contact EnerSys immediately.  Customers who are approached to purchase counterfeit batteries or have questions or concerns about the authenticity of the batteries are urged to contact EnerSys directly or an authorized EnerSys representative.  
Customer Contact: Please see locations section for local contact details