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Local Informations Austria

EnerSys GmbH in Vienna is the Austrian Reserve-Power branch of EnerSys Inc, the world’s largest industrial battery manufacturer, marketer and distributor of valve regulated and vented batteries. EnerSys and its brands Hawker, PowerSafe and DataSafe produce high quality batteries very successfully for over 100 years.
EnerSys fabricates industrial batteries in 19 production plants all over the world in Europe (Germany, France, Poland, etc…), America and Asia. Our products are sold in more than 100 countries worldwide.
EnerSys’ offers a comprehensive range of batteries like

  • Flooded or classic (flat plate, tubular and plante)
  • VRLA – gel and AGM large 2V cells
  • high power discharge UPS blocks
  • industry leading front termination AGM blocks
  • advanced technology “TPPL” or “SBS” pure lead designs
  • extreme batteries
  • and NiCd-technology

up to 12000 Ah.
We offer products with design lives to suit different applications from standard commercial products with 3-5 year life up to 20 year life. Well-known brands such as Hawker, PowerSafe and Genesis assure that you made the right decision.

Our skilled service, sales and distribution personnel works hard to satisfy you. Because of our servicing-team it is possible to make the service and assembling directly from the manufacturer. That gives you the sureness that your batteries will work the most efficient way, without any problems. If you let us maintain constantly your batteries you can be sure of owning perfect products for a long time. Service is our success.

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