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Powerfull Solutions for Hybrid Applications

Extreme temperatures. Remote locations. Increasing power demands.
As mobile telephone networks continue to expand into ever more remote  and less populated regions of our world,  many  have no connection to a main power distribution grid, meaning that  24 hour running on diesel generator power has been the only option. In these increasingly cost and environmentally conscious  times, operators  are looking  to reduce their  environmental impact ( noise, pollution, carbon footprint ) and increase their operating efficiency  ( less fuel , less maintenance, increased reliability ).

  Turning off the generator and using the existing  basestation backup battery  to support the load, then recharging it with the generator whilst also supplying the load appears a straightforward win-win solution. Unfortunately, many existing  backup power batteries were never designed with this heavy cyclic , "Hybrid power " demand in mind.

Enersys has responded to the new demand with new technologies and new application research. The results are products developed specifically with cyclic applications in mind, and with engineering applications information to support systems design  for success. The most critical consideration is reliable and consistent recharging of the battery, to ensure optimum discharge performance and life.

Full product details and technical guidance handbooks can be found by following the Quicklinks to the left.

The introduction of EON Technology™ further extends the technical leadership of PowerSafe® SBS batteries: not only do the PowerSafe SBS B14 - SBS 190F front terminal monoblocs, the SBS 410 top terminal cell and the 2V SBS 320 - 900 series in DIN container size retain the benefits typically associated with EnerSys® Thin Plate Pure Lead technology (long life, high energy density, superior shelf life, etc.), they now also deliver exceptional cyclic performance in both float and fast charge applications, even in the hottest and harshest operating environments. The PowerSafe® OPzV range of valve regulated lead-acid cells uses a proven combination of gel and tubular technologies to offer a very high level of reliability. These single cells benefit from an optimised plate design that gives capacities in excess of the DIN standard values. In addition, the PowerSafe OPzV range offers both an excellent float life and a high cycle life for a truly flexible solution.
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