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A name that has long been associated with high performance lead-acid batteries in the telecom industry. Whatever your battery requirements, PowerSafe offers a choice of solutions that deliver power, performance and proven reliability. PowerSafe leading edge technology also makes this family suitable for utilities and high integrity UPS applications.
  Whatever your UPS battery requirements the EnerSys DataSafe family has the range you’re looking for. From the highest energy density VRLA monoblocs to large high power flooded cells DataSafe offers batteries suitable for everything from workstations to international data centres.
  This group of commercial, consumer and industrial ranges offers a variety of state-of-the-art pure lead and lead calcium technologies that provide a blend of superior performance and affordability. This allows the Genesis family to support many diverse applications including security systems, emergency lighting, UPS, mobility, cable TV, specialist medical and emergency vehicle starter packs.
  Whether it’s power sports, automotive or marine, take your rechargeable battery performance to the next level. This range is not only capable of providing two to three times the cranking current of conventional batteries but also the same increase in life expectancy. These rugged sealed batteries have been engineered to handle heavy shocks and vibrations, allied to the exceptional power this translates to a major weight and space saving to maximise the performance of your equipment. The significant deep discharge and fast charge abilities add high auxiliary load vehicles to the many leading strengths of this range.
  An incredibly flexible, rugged battery range, CYCLON offers an infinite number of designs to meet your precise voltage and capacity requirements. Based on our pure lead-tin technology CYCLON batteries provide high reliability, fast recharge and excellent cyclic performance. Capable of operating in a very wide temperature range with an exceptional shelf life this range is the ultimate trouble-free solution.